Hyrum North Stake Relief Society Days for Girls Humanitarian Event

February 22, 2020  –  10:00 AM  –  Hyrum North Stake Center

What is Days for Girls?

Days for girls is a global movement that prepares and distributes sustainable menstrual health solutions to girls who would otherwise miss school during their monthly periods.




Donations Needed

If they choose to, stake members can donate specific items to be used in Days for Girls kits.  Donation boxes will be located in each chapel on Sundays. Click for a list of specific items needed.

Days for Girls Links

Websites for more information about the Days for Girls program.

Ward Representatives/Contact Information

Contact information for stake and ward representatives 



Our goal is to make and assemble 100 kits!



Come join us as we listen to Dr. Usha Maharjan Wall, the Days for Girls Nepal director, and then work together to serve those in need.

Even if you can’t sew, we still need you!  All women ages 15 and older are welcome to attend this event. 

Lunch will be served.


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